PSMS 161 Debate Team

On Saturday, the 161 Debaters met at 7am and returned at 7pm to attend the second debate tournament of the year way out at One World Middle School in the Bronx.  It was a highly competitive tournament, with over 300 debaters from all over the city.  34 students from PS 161 participated.  The topics were integration of special education students, whether large cities are the best option for raising children, and whether undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay in America (a topic very important to many members of our team).
1st place TIE!!:   PS 161 and Anderson School

3rd place Salk School of Science
4th place TIE:  Hunter and SA Harlem East

NYC Reduces Role of Tests for Student Promotion

New York City’s Education Department, in a break with the data-driven policies of former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, moved on Wednesday to reduce the role of standardized exams in deciding which students to hold back each year.

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